Is there any way for me to earn extra sales?

There are currently two ways to earn “sales”, or points towards your total sales. The first is for store referrals. If you speak with a store owner and they are interested in picking up the Redcon1 products, you may email their information to tieroperators@redcon1.com. Once our sales department reaches out and closes the sale, you will receive an 10 sales towards your total.

The second way to earn sales is to provide content that can be used for the website. This can be anything from a recipe to an article or video. When you submit this via email to tieroperators@redcon1.comand it is approved, you will receive 5 additional sales towards your total.

Opportunities will come up at random times to earn extra sales and you will be notified of this via email, so always make sure you’re checking for emails from us for updates!

I have friends that are first responders and rather use the military code over my 10% off code. Is there a way to get credit if I referred them?

Yes. Email their name to tieroperators@redcon1.com and the sale will be manually added to your total.

I have friends that see 20% off promotion codes. Can codes be stacked?

No, codes can not be stacked. 20% promotional codes may only be used once per customer, so if they choose to use that code over your 10%, encourage them to come back and use your discount.

Also, when the website runs a 20% off sale, your “T20” code will be activated. This is the same code you have for T10, but worth 20% off to match the sale. Example: T10JohnD will be T20JohnD.

How do I track my sales?

Log into https://www.affiliatly.com/af-104645/affiliate.panel and either register or login with your email and password to track your sales.

When registering please include your official T10 code and no other variation. Otherwise your sales won’t be tracked.

When will I know when I make the next Tier?

You will be notified via email when you’ve reached the next Tier. In that email you will be asked for your product & apparel of choice.

How soon after a sale, is it credited to my total sales?

Once a sale goes through, it is immediately credited towards your name. If you are receiving credit through manual addition, it will take 1-2 days to process. This would be any military codes used, referrals, etc.

Can the same person use my code more than once?

Yes! We encourage the returning customer. Any one person can use your code as many times as they’d like.

Can codes be applied on automatic ordering?

At this time, No.

When I reach the next Tier, do my sales start over or do they continue?

Your total sales will continue, there is no “starting over”. Once you reach 10 sales/Tier 4, it will continue until you reach 50 sales/Tier 3, etc.

Who to contact for order issues?
Who to contact for sales/affiliatly issues?
Who to contact about Demos?
What not to post and why?
Do not post racial content, excessive foul language, verbal attacks toward other brands/affiliates/persons, nudity, criminal activity, anything that may you have to question if you should you probably shouldn’t. Remember you are representing the Brand and in that you should be as professional and responsible as possible.
How do I tier up?
Make sales (Each sale counts as 1 point, 10 for tier 4, 30 for Tier 2, and so on.) Do not have your customer/friends/family place multiple single item orders in an attempt to tier up faster. That is an integrity issue and will result in your termination from the program.
Why haven’t I tiered up?
Review your sales on Affiliatly.com if you feel there are discrepancies contact tieroperators@redcon1.com
What can I do to tier up?
Get out there… Social media is not the only answer although it is a good one. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym in real life.
Wholesale accounts?
 If you refer a wholesale account that buys you will be credited with 10 operator points, so if you love your favorite store or gym and want them to carry RedCon1 products talk to them and send them our way! Also to tieroperators@redcon1.com
Can my wife/girlfriend/sister/brother/mother/father use my 30% discount code?
– No!
How long does it take to see sales updates?
Generally will take 24-48hrs
How long will it take to receive an email or phone inquiry response?
We will try to respond before close of business the same day if possible, if not within 24 hours you will receive a reply even if it is letting you know we need more time.