Hi, my name is Mackenzie Roberts and I have been a Redcon1 Tier Operator since November of 2016.
I was born and live currently in a small town called Bundaberg located on the South-East coast of Queensland Australia.
During my childhood and my teenage years I was heavily focused on my studies as a musician having played the drums now for 21 of my 25 years.
Music has always and will always be a very important factor in my life, during my early teens I began to suffer from depression due to my increasing obesity and often struggled to join in most activities due to my weight.
I now have the absolute honour of being able to teach drums/percussion for a living and each day is a blessing to watch my students grow in their music.
My journey into fitness was a rocky one, my depression made a turn for the worse by the time I was 19 and I was sitting at my heaviest weight of 105kg.
The last 6 years have changed my life completely, I’ve competed in the IFBB in women’s physique taking 2nd in my first and I’m currently in the middle of my 2nd prep and loving every second of it.
Being apart of Redcon1 has been such a blessing and it has been such an awesome learning experience in understanding the supplement industry.
I’ve come to know my fellow Tier Operators as family and for me that has one of the main reasons I love being apart of this incredible company.
No other company comes close to being as supportive and welcoming as Redcon1, it has been such a blessing and honour to represent the company and I’m looking forward to see what the future holds for both the company and myself.