How does this all work?

Your mission as a Tier Operator is to spread the word about Redcon1 products and apparel. As you do this, and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. We track all of the sales that you bring in. The more sales you can generate the more rewards you will receive!

What are the Tiers?

How many sales you have credit for will determine what Tier you are in.

Tier 5: 0-9 sales

Tier 4: 10-49 sales

Tier 3: 150-149 sales

Tier 2: 150+ sales

Tier 1: Selected individuals

How long will it take until I find out the result of my application to become a Tier Operator?

We receive many applications, and we want to be able to review each of them properly. Please allow up to 2 weeks of application review time before you email tieroperators@redcon1.com to ask for a result.

How are customer sales tracked?

We use a program to track your sales. You will have a profile that you can log into and see your progress.

What can I do to make sales?

Get out there… Social media is not the only answer although it is a good one. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym in real life. You can also request to be matched up with a mentor if you would like some guidance and advice on how to be successful.

I have friends that are first responders and rather use the military code over my 20% off code. Is there a way to get credit if I referred them?

Yes. Instruct your customer to enter your name on the Tier Operator name box on the purchase check-out page. Email their name and order number to tieroperators@redcon1.com and the sale will be manually added to your total.

When will I know when I make the next Tier?

You will be notified via automated email when you’ve reached the next Tier. You can also log in and view your sales progress to see what Tier you are in.

How soon after a sale, is it credited to my total sales?

Once a sale goes through, if it was made using your T20 code or unique link it is automatically credited towards your sales totals account. If you are receiving credit through manual addition, it will take up to 1 week to process.

Can the same person use my code more than once?

Yes! We encourage the returning customer. Any one person can use your code as many times as they’d like.

When I reach the next Tier, do my sales start over or do they continue?

Your total sales will continue, there is no “starting over”.

Who to contact for order issues?

Who to contact for sales/affiliatly issues?

Who to contact about Demos?

What not to post and why?

Do not post racial content, excessive foul language, verbal attacks toward other brands/affiliates/persons, nudity, criminal activity, anything that may you have to question if you should you probably shouldn’t. Remember you are representing the Brand and in that you should be as professional and responsible as possible.

Can my wife/girlfriend/sister/brother/mother/father use my 30% discount code?

– No!

How long does it take to see sales updates?

Generally will take 24-48hrs if your T20 code is used. If the Tier Operator name box is used, please allow up to 1 week for processing.