Jessica Rippeon


Jessica Rippeon is a fantastic example of what it takes to be a Tier Operator, and we’re happy to name her as Tier Operator of the Month. Jessica has established and maintained a communication chain between Redcon1, the Tier Operator Management Team, and her fellow Tier Operators. She has taken it upon herself to ensure that information, news, and promotional graphics are distributed to the Tier Operators. Jessica has also volunteered her time to attend Redcon1 events, including the Arnold Classic Sports Festival, to help present a positive brand image to fans, customers and the public. You can find her on Instagram @egolifted

“What an honor!! My heart just grew three sizes.

I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible family, and that’s what Redcon1 is to me. My fitness journey has had countless ups and downs and I tried so many products and never saw results. A friend of mine let me try a few of his supplements and I fell in love. From that moment on I’ve only used Redcon1. I was welcomed as a part of this team and not once have I felt left out or had questions that weren’t answered. I saw how the company and the Tier Operator program were growing and knew that I could try to help other Tier Operators and people who had the same questions and struggles that I had. I may not have much spare time, but fitness is a lifestyle and Redcon1 is now a permanent part of it. I’ll always make time to talk to friends, family, and other Tier Operators about Redcon1. Talk to them about how something as small as adding one supplement into your daily routine can make a massive difference, and with the support of Redcon1 you can obtain any goals you set for yourself. In truth… I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of all of you!”