Brian Asher & Stephanie Anderson


My name is Brian Asher, I have been a Tier Operator the last 3 years and been around since the beginning of the program. I have a wife and two kids. I have a few hobbies that involve the gym and sports, favorite teams are Miami Dolphins and Orlando Magic. I’ve done many things in my time and have to say that the Tier Operator program has been fun for me. I love interacting with people and sharing my journey as it unfolds.

I am a firm believer in supplements and would never back a company unless I felt they had the upmost integrity to creating an environment for customers to reach their goals and actually care about what they put out. The most rewarding part about the program is the relationships you get to make with customers and in the industry helping people grow and reach their goals.

I’ll be working hard the next few years to hit that elite athlete status. You can always achieve what you want in life as long as you set a goal. I am glad to have found a program like this that treats everyone like a part of a family.



My name is Stephanie Anderson and I am a little over a year in as a Tier Operator with Redcon1. At first I’ll admit I joined because I wanted to identify with a supplement company I enjoyed and get a personal discount code. It very very quickly became more than that. For me it became a passion for the product, the story behind Redcon1 and an immense respect and admiration of the leaders who ARE Redcon1.

My goals with the company are as follows: BE Redcon1 and always viewed as a product because simply put, I am. I want people to look at me or hear my name and think “Redcon1”. I want to continue to educate and enlighten others about the quality and variety of products that Redcon1 has to offer and why they would benefit others. My end goal is to become a sponsored athlete through Redcon1 and represent my supplement company at the highest level… it would be an incredible honor.

I have found the success I’ve had so far by just loving the product, being the product and talking about the product. I can confidently say I am a part of THE best supplement company on the market. I’m excited to see where the future takes me.