My journey into health and fitness began when I was in high school and it was then that I learned how supplements, specifically protein powder and creatine, could enhance my performance and results above what I could do with just food. Once I saw results through nutrition, training and supplementation, and how to tweak each one to create a different result, I was hooked. From there I went on to get a bachelors in health and exercise science where I learned in great depth the ins and outs of nutrition and training which led me to becoming a personal trainer. Through training, I learned very quickly that what I thought was common knowledge in health and fitness, was advanced knowledge that wasn’t very well known or understood by my clients. Most sessions with my clients involves weight training, of course, but between sets and between sessions I would receive many questions regarding nutrition, supplements, motivation, exercises, etc. This led me to making YouTube videos. I could use common questions I was getting from clients and answer them in depth in a video that I could share with anyone else that had the same question to save time and prevent me from having to repeat myself many times over.

YouTube is where things started to get interesting. I was gaining attention from people all across the world. Questions were coming from everywhere which provided me with more than enough content to talk about, but also lead me to reviewing products and learning more about what I wanted in a supplement. My supplements of choice were caffeine, citrulline malate, beta alanine, glycerol, beet root powder, creatine, eaa’s and protein powder. With that in mind I set out to find a company that had a product lineup that I would actually use and want to be affiliated with. Enter Redcon1 May of 2019. Between Total War, Big Noise, Tango, Grunt and MRE Lite I was set. I immediately ordered these products to test them out and was blown away. 

From there I signed up to be a Tier Operator, got accepted, and began promoting my new found line up of supplements to my small following on YouTube and Instagram. At that point I had been sharing my knowledge of health and fitness through social media for 3 years and my subscribers were looking for a way to pay me back for all my free advice. Through Redcon1’s Tier Operator program, they now had their chance and as it turns out, once someone tries the products they are hooked. I reached tier 2 of the program in 2 months from May 15th to July 19th and at this point I am approaching 400 sales all while loving every minute of it promoting a company with supplements I love. 

My advice to my fellow Tier Operators is simple… give your potential customers a reason to want to buy from you. You aren’t selling the product, you are selling yourself, your ideas and your expertise. Give your audience a reason to want to give back to you. Once they do, the product of Redcon1 will sell itself. In my videos I’m not selling Redcon1. I answer questions, I give tons of free advice, I let the people know what I know that sometimes isn’t related to health and fitness at all… and then I provide them an outlet to show their support through Redcon1. The fact that most of the info I provide is related to the supplement and fitness industry makes it easy for the viewers to want to try a new preworkout or protein powder and they get to feel good at the same time by supporting a content creator that has answered all their questions and provided them the motivation they need to reach their goals.