Did you miss the 2018 Readiness Riot? Our team brought you along for the exciting weekend! Take a peak for yourself now!

Redcon1 CEO Aaron Singerman talks to the Redcon1 Tier Operators during the 2018 Readiness Riot and shares the details into his life before Redcon1. Learn more about his story and the story behind Redcon1 now!

Antoine Vaillant joins the Tier Operators at the Redcon1 Readiness Riot. In this video, Antoine shares his personal story and talks about overcoming obstacles in addiction, competing, and life in general. Watch for yourself now!

Redcon1’s newest athlete, Blessing Awodibu and CEO Aaron Singerman share the story on how they met and what brought the two together. Together they talk to our Tier Operators to give them the inside scoop on how Blessing became a Redcon1 Athlete.

4x World’s Strongest Man & Redcon1 Athlete, Brian Shaw, attended the 2018 Readiness Riot. He gave Tier Operators an insiders look into his story and what it’s like being the strongest man. Take a listen for yourself now!

Caleb and Ashley Reynolds talk to the Redcon1 Tier Operators at the 2018 Readiness Riot. Together they talk about competing, television fame, and marriage. Learn more about how they became apart of Redcon1 now!