Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a Redcon1 Tier Operator. This opportunity has the ability to take you to the top of the supplement industry. Give it your all and you will have a chance to be a full time employee of the fastest rising supplement company in the world.

How does this all work?

Your mission as a Tier Operator is to spread the word about RedCon1 products and apparel. As you do this, and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. We track all of the sales that you bring in. The more sales you can generate the more rewards you will receive!

What are the Tiers?

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How many sales you have credit for will determine what Tier you are in.
Tier 5: 0-9 sales
Tier 4: 10-49 sales
Tier 3: 50-149 sales
Tier 2: 150+ sales
Tier 1: Selected individuals

What kinds of rewards can I get?

There are different rewards for each Tier:
Tier 5: Access to graphics, inside information, and discounts.
Tier 4: 1 Free supplement each month
Tier 3: 2 Free supplements each month. 10% commission on sales
Tier 2: $500 store credit each month. 10% commission on sales
Tier 1: RedCon1 Contract

How are customer sales tracked?

We use a program called Affiliatly to track your sales. You will have a profile that you can log into and see your progress.

How can I get credit for a sale?

There are several ways to get credit for a sale:
1. The customer uses your unique T20 discount code when they purchase!
2. The customer clicks on your unique link to navigate to the RedCon1 website for a purchase. Link connection has 40 day duration.
3. When making a purchase the customer types your name into the box labeled “What Tier Operator Referred You?(Leave Blank if none)”
4. The customer’s email is connected to your profile after they have made their first purchase. Email connection has 40 day duration.

How long will it take until my Affiliatly account gets approved?

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for approval.

What can I do to make sales?

Get out there… Social media is not the only answer although it is a good one. Word of mouth is your best source of true customers. Talk to people in the gym in real life. You can also request to be matched up with a mentor if you would like some guidance and advice on how to be successful.

Is there any way for me to earn extra sales?

Yes, there are ways to earn extra sale credits to help you Tier up faster.
1. Initiating a sale with a store location that results in a wholesale purchase.
2. Hosting an information demo at a store that carries RedCon1 products.
3. Bringing in quality people to become new Tier Operators.
The first is for store referrals. If you speak with a store owner and they are interested in picking up the Redcon1 products, you can email their information to Once our sales department reaches out and closes the sale, you will receive 10 sales credits to help you move up to the next Tier.
The second is hosting an information demo at a store that already sells RedCon1 products. More info below.
The third is bringing in quality people to become new Tier Operators. They must put your name on their application. Once they make their first sale you will receive to sales credits to help you move up to the next Tier.
Opportunities will come up at random times to earn extra sales and you will be notified of this via email, so always make sure you’re checking for emails from us for updates!

I have friends that are first responders/military and would rather use the military code over my 20% off code. Is there a way to get credit if I referred them?

Yes!. Instruct your customer to use your Affiliatly Link to navigate to the RedCon1 website to make a purchase, or enter your name on the Tier Operator Referral Box on the purchase check-out page.

How do I track my sales?

We use Affiliatly to track everything! Please make sure you set up your account by clicking on the link below. Anytime someone click your link or uses your T20 code, it will be automatically tracked with Affiliatly! Please BOOKMARK or SAVE the link in your browser on your laptop or phone! The number of sales in your profile is the number we go off of to see what Tier you’re in!

How will I know when I make it to the next Tier?

When you’ve reached the next Tier, you will be notified via an automated email sent by Affiliatly! You can also log in and check your sales numbers to track your own progress.

How soon after a sale, is it credited to my total sales?

Once a sale goes through, if it was made using your T20 code or unique link it is immediately credited towards your Affiliatly account. If the customer typed your name into the referral box, the sale will have to be credited to your account manually. Our schedule for this is that all of the weekend’s orders will be entered by Wednesday, and all of the week’s orders will be entered by Friday. If these times have passed and you don’t see the sale on your profile you can send us an email and we will help you out.

Can the same person use my code more than once?

Yes! We encourage the returning customer. Any one person can use your code as many times as they’d like.

When I reach the next Tier, do my sales start over or do they continue?

Your total sales will continue, there is no “starting over”. But you must remain active and continue to make sales each month in order to be able to receive a monthly rewardgoes here, click edit button to change this text.

Who to contact for order issues?

Customer Service: Please click HERE to fill out the form for all issues regarding orders! They will get back to you!

Who to contact for sales/affiliatly issues?

Please reach out directly to Ben (

Who to contact about Demos?

Please reach out to Skylar (

What not to post and why?

If we share advanced information with the Tier Operators about an upcoming deal, promo, or event do not post until RedCon1 has made an official public announcement.
Do not post racial content, excessive foul language, verbal attacks toward other brands/affiliates/persons, nudity, criminal activity, anything that may you have to question if you should you probably shouldn’t. Remember you are representing the Brand and in that you should be as professional and responsible as possible.

Can I have a friend make a whole bunch of small $1 purchases so I move up to the next Tier?

No. Do not have your customer/friends/family place multiple, small single item orders in an attempt to Tier up faster. This type of purchasing to boost your overall sales totals is not allowed. It is unfair to the other Tier Operators who work hard to bring in new customers and move up to the next Tier in the proper way. This behavior will result in your termination from the program. We do check!

Why haven’t I tiered up?

Review your sales on if you feel there are discrepancies contact Ben or Skylar and they will be happy to check!

Can my wife/girlfriend/sister/brother/mother/father use my 30% discount code?

– No, but they can use your T20 code to place the order!

Can I post my Instagram in the Facebook group and ask for followers?

We would rather you not. We would like to follow you though! There is a topic in the ‘Files’ section of the Facebook group that is a list of all Tier Operator Instagram names, add yourself to it. We all follow each other

Does RedCon1 make a vegan protein?

Green Beret is our Vegan Protein!

Who should I contact if I have a customer service issue?

Tier Operators my email for their own orders! Please do not reach out there for your customers orders!

I got a message that says “discount code isn’t available to you right now”?

Both the T20 share code, and 30% personal use discount codes are not able to be used for certain items like the charity donation shirts, the stacks, and the Cardillo belt. The 30% code is for your own personal use and you need to be logged in as a customer using the same email that you have on your Affiliatly account in order for the personal use 30% discount code to work.

This is an example of a social media post tactic that can used to gain the attention of your friends/followers.
The method is to make a post on your own facebook/Instagram page with a catchy phrase, question, or picture. – Think ‘Click Bait’
You should then respond to each person who likes or comments on your post. Your response should provide a helpful tip and then a Redcon1 product suggestion.
You should always include your link and discount code each time that you respond.Below is a screenshot example of a post made by Amanda Palmer. She responded to each person with the following message:***Message I’m sending to those who comment!***
*****************************Booty Workout! :two_hearts:
Hey! Here’s a booty workout from the 6 week program I’m currently doing! ENJOY!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
“Add Code Here”
“Add Link Here”



1. Each Tier Operator has their own unique link that they can share with friends, family, followers, or customers. This link is intended to be used as one of the methods of obtaining credit for purchases made by people that you bring to RedCon1.
2. The unique link can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. This displayed link can be copied and pasted from Affiliatly into a Tier Operator’s social media or messages sent to customers.
3. The unique link has an identifier on the end of the RedCon1 web address. This identifier includes your Affiliatly ID number. You can view your ID number when you are logged into Affiliatly, it is displayed in the top right corner. You can also see your full identifier in your displayed link on your Affiliatly profile page.
4. The following is an example of a Tier Operator’s unique link, if the Tier Operator’s ID number was 1:
5. When clicked this would take a customer to the RedCon1 homepage and connect that customer to the Tier Operator for 30 days duration. Any purchase made by that customer within the next 30 days would be credited to the Tier
6. A unique link can also be customized to direct a customer to a specific product page. The following is an example of a unique link directing a customer to a specific product page:
7. This can be accomplished 2 ways:
1. Select the ‘Link Generator” tab while logged in to Affiliatly. On this tab you can
paste a copied URL from the desired product page, Affiliatly will generate a
link for you to share with customers.
Navigate to a desired product page on the RedCon1 website and add your own unique identifier to the end of the browser address “/?aff=1”
8. When a customer clicks on a Tier Operator’s unique link to navigate to the site for purchase any purchase made by this customer, within 30 days, will be connected to that Tier Operator. If a customer successfully clicks on a Tier Operator’s link to navigate to the site, the customer’s purchase will be credited to that Tier Operator regardless of which discount code that customer uses. If the customer uses a military discount code, spin the wheel code, cart code, etc etc… the purchase will be credited to that Tier Operator’s account
9. The Affiliatly links use ‘Cookies’ to establish the connection between the customer, our sales system, and the Tier Operator’s Affiliatly account. If a customer has cookies disabled, the link connection will not work.
10. If the customer clicks on a Tier Operator or Athlete’s link the customer will be connected to that Tier Operator or Athlete for 30 days. If that customer clicks on a different Tier Operator’s link during this 30 day period, the customer
connection will not be transferred to the latest Tier Operator or Athlete. The customer will remain connected to the first link connection they have established until either; the 30 day period expires, or the customer selects ‘Delete Cookies’ from their browser settings
  1. One of the most sought after and desirable benefits of being a Tier Operator is that you have the potential to earn commission payments of sales that you bring in. As a Tier Operator you will move into increasing commission Tiers as you bring in more sales. When you reach at least 50 sales you will be in Tier 3. You will earn 10% commission on sales after you bring in your first 50 sales. There are 2 ways of collecting your commission earnings and I will describe them in detail below. 
  2. There are 2 options for how you can receive earned commissions. By payment check or by store credit gift card. 
  3. Tier Operators are considered independent contractors for Redcon1. Tier Operators are not classified as employees of Redcon1. As an independent contractor, you will be asked by Redcon1 to complete a W9 tax form once you reach Tier 3. If you have reached Tier 3 and have not submitted a W9 tax form please email A blank for will be sent to you, or you can download the standard IRS form from 

If you are a Tier Operator in a country other than the United States, consult with your local regulations on proper tax reporting.

  1. The IRS requires that all earnings from a single source that are equal to or greater than $600 in one year must be reported. All Tier Operators with earnings over $600 will be sent a 1099 that can be used to report their earnings.
    Tier Operators with less than $600 in earnings in one year will not be sent a 1099.
  2. Receiving a store credit gift card equal to the value of your commission earnings is an available option. If you are in Tier 3 and would like to select this option, please email
  3. If you select to receive commission payments via store credit gift card, you will be locked-in to this payment method for a minimum of 6 months. 
  4. Use of the store credit gift cards will be restricted to the Tier Operator. You must be signed in as a customer on the purchasing site using your email address.
  5. Store credit gift cards will be issued electronically. An email with the gift card code will be sent to your email address.

When you earn enough sales and the incentives start rolling in. We’re talking about free products for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Operators, cash and prizes for Tier 3 and 2. And if you’re bad ass enough to make it to Tier 1 you’ll be taking part in special events along side the Redcon1 HQ team, not to mention a full time salaried position at Redcon1. So if you’re motivated, want to use the highest quality products on the market, and finally break into the industry that you’ve always dreamed of working in then apply now to become a Redcon1 Tier Operator. Click the image below for even more info!


Tier Operator Portal

  1. A Demo is a method of increasing brand awareness of Redcon1 by giving 

customers an opportunity to sample products, and gain knowledge about Redcon1. This is accomplished by a Tier Operator hosting a product sampling Demo at a retailer of Redcon1 Products. 

  1. A typical Demo can be described as a Tier Operator arriving at their local 

nutrition store, assembling a table inside of the store that displays Redcon1 products, remaining available during business hours to offer product samples to customers and answering questions about Redcon1. 

  1. There are rewards given to Tier Operators who volunteer to work a Demo. The Tier Operator will receive 5 sales credits to help them move up to the next Tier level. Additionally, the Tier Operator’s monthly required minimum of sales needed, to be eligible for monthly Fulfillment rewards, will be reduced to half the standard amount. 
  2. There is a standard process for volunteering for and scheduling a Demo. If this 

process is not followed, The Redcon1 Tier Operator Management Team has the right to withhold rewards for performing the Demo, deny permission to perform future Demos. Please consult this list and feel free to ask if you have any questions. 

  1. The Tier Operator should contact their local store that sells Redcon1. The Tier Operator should communicate with the store owner/manager and obtain permission to host a Demo in their location. b. The Tier Operator should contact the Tier Operator Management Team 

about the requested Demo. This information should be provided: Name of store, location, manager name, store phone number, email address of store manager/employee in charge, date/time of requested Demo. c. The Tier Operator Management Team will contact the Store to confirm this 

request to perform a Demo and to confirm the date/time of the Demo. d. A package will be sent to the store with items needed: product samples, 

table cloth, cutting boards, allergy warning display sign. A shipping return label will be included – the table cloth and remaining products must be returned. e. The Tier Operator will arrive at the store location on the date of the Demo 

and will distribute samples and communicate with customers about Redcon1. 

  1. Demos are approved at retailers that already have Redcon1 products in stock available for purchase. Requests presented to the Tier Operator Management Team to perform a Demo at a retailer that does not have Redcon1 products available for purchase can and is usually denied. This rule is in place because it has been found that if Redcon1 products are not available for purchase a customer will tend to purchase a competing brand’s product rather than wait to purchase Redcon1. 
  2. Requests presented to the Tier Operator Management Team to perform a Demo at a gym can and is usually denied. This rule is in place because it has been found that customers entering the gym are willing to accept a product sample; but are unlikely to make a product purchase. 
  3. After you have completed the product sampling demo the Tier Operator must 

submit a report via email with the following info: a rating the demo on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.) An approximate number of people that were spoken to about Redcon1 during the demo. A list of Redcon1 product sales generated at the location due to your presence. Any other comments about the Demo experience. This report will be reviewed, in addition to communication with the owner/manager of the Demo location. 

  1. Some Do’s and Don’ts to follow when performing a Demo: 
  2. Do… Contact individual local retailers and see if they are interested in 

doing a demo. b. Don’t… send me location’s that have not been contacted by you. When I am emailing or calling them I do want them to be aware that I am calling not confused upon receiving the call/email. c. Do… Use demos as a means to create relationships with local retailers 

and to show them we are the best brand out there and can move product quickly. d. Don’t… YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO use demos as a means to 

generate new customers for yourself… You are not benefiting us or yourself by stealing customers from our retailers. Always push the product on their shelf, remember you are getting five (5) sales credits for doing it. e. Do… Follow up with retailers respectfully if they shy away from doing a 

demo or say they’d like to do one at a later date. f. Don’t… get pissed off or pushy if someone doesn’t want to do a demo. 

  1. We have created several ways for you as a Tier Operator to receive the credit 

you deserve for bringing a customer in to make a purchase with RedCon1. I will explain these methods in this document. 

  1. CODE: The first and simplest way to receive credit is that each Tier Operator has their own unique discount code to share with customers. This is commonly called your T20 code. On the ‘Checkout’ screen, when a customer types your T20 code into the box labelled “Gift Card or Discount Code” the discount will be applied, and you will receive credit for the order. 
  2. LINK: The second method of receiving credit for an order is by link. Each Tier 

Operator has a unique link that can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. Each Tier Operator’s unique link is created by adding a unique identifier to the website address. The link is the RedCon1 website followed by ‘/?aff=’ and then your Affiliatly ID number. Example: These links utilize Cookies. (If you are curious about exactly how Cookies work check out google.) When a customer clicks on a Tier Operator’s link Affiliatly leaves a Cookie on their IP address and the connection to you is established. When the customer purchases you will then receive credit for the order – even if the customer uses a discount code that is not a T20 code. Cookie duration is 30 days. 

  1. REFERRAL BOX: There is a box on the website that the customer can see 

when reviewing their selected products in their cart, it is just before entering the ‘Checkout’ screen. This box is labeled: “What Tier Operator Referred you?(leave blank if none)” In this box a customer can type a Tier Operator’s name. After the order is completed, we are able to see which orders have names typed into this referral box. When we see that a Tier Operator’s name has been typed into the referral box, we will give that Tier Operator credit for the order. These orders are entered in manually, so the order will not be displayed on your Affiliatly profile immediately. Customer emails will not be manually connected to your Affiliatly account after a sale is entered manually by us when we see your name in the referral box. 

  1. EMAIL: A list of ‘Associated Emails’ can be found on the Affiliatly profile page. A 

customer’s email is automatically added to this list after they make a purchase using a Tier Operator’s T20 discount code or make a purchase after clicking on a Tier Operator’s unique link. Each time a customer makes a purchase the Tier Operator that customer is connected to will receive credit for the purchase. Email association duration is 30 days. After that time the customer will need to click on a Tier Operator’s unique link or use a Tier Operator’s T20 discount code again in order to be connected to that Tier Operator. If the customer’s email is on a Tier 

Operator’s ‘Associated Emails’ list for over 30 days, it will not be removed until the customer makes another purchase. This gives each Tier Operator time to still have the email remain visible and reach out to your customer. Customer emails will not be manually added to a Tier Operator’s Associated Emails list after an order is entered manually by us when we see the Tier Operator’s name in the referral name box. 

These are the ways of obtaining credit for customer orders that you bring to RedCon1. Next, I will explain some common mistakes or problems that can arise. 

  1. You receive an automated email from Affiliatly that states “You have a new 

referred order.” But when you log into your Affiliatly profile you don’t see any new orders in your totals. This is due to another Tier Operator being connected to you as a customer and making a purchase for him/herself. Affiliatly sends you the automated email when the connected ‘customer’ makes the order, but then recognizes that the ‘customer’ has an email that is actually a Tier Operator and the program will block the order from showing on your totals. Another Tier Operator can be connected to you as a customer by clicking on your link at some point, or by them being an actual customer from past orders but now being accepted to the program as a Tier Operator. We can remove the other Tier Operator’s email from your Associated Emails list, but if they have clicked on your link and a cookie is set on their IP address connecting you we would have to reset all of your link connections and you might lose out on other possible customers. 

  1. A customer clicked on your link, made an order but you did not get a new order 

email and it isn’t showing on your Affiliatly profile sales totals. This may be because that customer could already be connected to a different Tier Operator, either by link or email. Or the customer has their internet browser settings block the use of cookies. You should always request that a customer type your name into the Tier Operator referral box as a back-up. 

  1. A customer typed your name into the referral box but you didn’t get an email 

about a new order, and it isn’t showing on your Affiliatly profile sales totals. This can be due to two possible situations: 1. The customer is connected to another Tier Operator by link or email. In that case the customer typing your name into the referral box will count as proof of connection and we can make the correction and switch the order over to you. 2. remember that referral box orders are entered manually, it’s possible that we have not yet reviewed this order and added it in to your Affiliatly profile. Please be patient, if you feel it was missed you can email us and we will investigate. 

  1. A customer clicked on your link, but the customer used the T20 code of a 

different Tier Operator. The use of a T20 code takes precedence in the Affiliatly system, it will automatically connect the order to the Tier Operator that owns the T20 code. If this is the customer’s first purchase it will also automatically add their email to that Tier Operator’s Associated Emails list. If this is a repeat 

customer of yours who is already on your Associated Emails list, this specific order will go to the Tier Operator who owns the T20 code, but the email will remain with the original Associated Emails list for the 30 day duration. This is the same for if a customer uses the discount code of one of our sponsored athletes. 

  1. The customer typed your T20 code into the Referral Box instead of your full 

name. This is acceptable, but full name is preferred. 

  1. A customer made a purchase on the App and couldn’t find the Referral Box. This is because there is no Referral Box on the App, at this time. If this customer is already on your Associated Emails list you will get credit automatically. You can also instruct the customer to click on your Affiliatly link on the same device that they are using the app on. Clicking on your link will establish the cookie connection and an order made using the app will connect to you. 
  2. A customer made a purchase on the App and couldn’t find the Referral Box. All 

discount codes that work on the app also work on the main site. To increase the chances of a customer’s order being connected to your Affiliatly account, we recommend that you send customers to purchase on the main site – and to use your link, and type your name into the Tier Operator referral box. 

  1. You typed your own name into the Referral Box. You will not receive credit for 

your own sales. Please do not type your own name into the Referral Box, it slows down the process of manually checking the orders. 

  1. You and your other Tier Operator friend typed each other’s names into the 

Referral Box when you made your own orders. You will not receive credit for orders made by other Tier Operators. Please do not type another Tier Operators name into the Referral Box, it slows down the process of manually checking the orders. 

  1. A long time customer of yours has dropped off of your email list. This is because 

the 30 day duration of the email connection has passed, and the customer will now need to click on your link or use your code to be connected to you again. 

  1. Your customer made a purchase with the assistance of one of the Frontline 

members. You will not receive credit for any purchases made through a Frontline invoice. If a customer is requesting assistance with an order you can help them. On your own device, you can assist a customer with building a cart with their desired products, add your own name to the Tier Operator referral box, continue to the checkout page, copy/paste and share the URL of the checkout page with the customer. When the order is complete, your name that you typed into the Tier Operator referral box will remain on the order and you will receive credit once referral boxes are reviewed and entered.